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After a long fallow period influenced by the pandemic and the deaths of several individuals dear to me, I feel a reawakening and am hopeful for the future. Up until now, I've focused on speculative and fabulist fiction, nonfiction, essays, and even delved a bit into poetry. How my writing will choose to manifest going forward remains a mystery, but that's part of the adventure. My work will continue to be neither sexually explicit nor graphically violent, but consider yourself warned that I do on occasion drop a word or two of profanity. On a personal note, I enjoy being outdoors and prefer the company of animals to that of people. (Barring a few select individuals; you know who you are.) I live for a really good cup of tea, and prefer baking over cooking (although I do make a mean pizza). My favorite season is autumn, my favorite holiday Christmas. At present, I live in Ohio with my delightful husband, and a wonderful cat named Ruby.

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